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Fusion Cut and Color Salon


Love Letters:
Winter, P


This is the salon that did the color for my hair back in 2009. I left a review at the time but it seems to have been removed from Yelp.

The color job was perfect and I looked amazing in my big day, thanks to Tamara.

I recommend everyone to this salon.

Barbara Alley,
reviewed Fusion Cut and Color Organic Salon — 5 star

March 24 · 2018

Just got my hair done today and I love it! My hair looks wonderful, I would recommend this salon to anyone.

Andrea O'Connell

reviewed Fusion Cut and Color Organic Salon — 5 star

March 23 · 2018 

Tamara gave me beautiful hair color and a great hair cut!

Ingrid Thorngren Gordon

recommends Fusion Cut and Color Organic Salon.

August 17 · 2018

Tamara is willing to do henna coloring and her shop smells clean, not like chemicals.

  • Tamara is the best colorist I've ever found. She gives me back my natural blonde perfectly every time! Plus, she knows how to cut naturally curly hair--an amazing combo! Love the organic color they use. So happy my friend recommended you!

    Marlene Lee 2 months ago

Aria Ahrary:
recommends Fusion Cut and Color Organic Salon.

October 30 at 6:04 PM · 

awesome salon. friendly. Tamara and Adrainne are professional.

Katy K

November 10 at 3:48 PM · 

A client..."Got my hair did. 💇🏻

I know I say it every time, but there’s something so special about getting what you need and not just what you think you want. Tamara always knows what I’m talking about when I explain the weird things my hair does, and just validates all the things I understand about my hair that no one else gets.

This good mood’s going to last all day.

Katy K...

  • Sept. 16, 2017
  • Tamara and Adrienne do a wonderful job! I've been going to Fusion Cut and Color for a couple years now. Tamara does the best color and cut I've ever had. I won't go anywhere else. She's an expert at what she does. And they are a lot of fun.---
  • Christi Le Fleur  
  • Sept  2017
  • Tamara and Adrienne are talented and so much fun to boot! They have taken excellent care of my style and color for over a year now. Tamara is a color expert and was able to make a custom blend to match my ginger and cover my greys seamlessly! And the salon uses organic products as well: the color smells like blackberries and is so gentle but lasts as long as conventional color. ---Laura Buss
  • Aug 2017
  • Yesterday I bit the bullet after much hesitation about getting my hair colored finally, but SO glad I did! The gentle/organic coloring products used were wonderful, and Tamara did an amazing job! My color and cut with Fusion were just what I had hoped for, and then some. Grateful for the Portland Mama's group recommendation in my search for a healthy and safe option! Definitely going back for all my hair care needs--thank you!---Amber Simm
  • August 2017 "End of the day and still looking great! Thanks Tamara for sharing your talent with me. Love my new do! PS- friends and family love it too. :) Julianne S
  • July 2017 I've been going to Tamara at Fusion for about a year now and I went in last week in the midst of a total hair identity crisis. I'd let my hair grow out for a few months and it had no style and I hated it, but had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with it next. When I went in I explained all of that to Tamara and she got to work and I absolutely LOVE my hair now. She used her skills and knowledge to figure out the exact perfect cut for me, and all I really had to do was sit there and let her work her magic. Now my hair has an actual style, and she made it SO much easier to manage. I can actually style my hair on my own now (in about 5-10 mins) and it looks great every day! Thank you, Tamara, for finding a way to let my hair look so good naturally! Whatever she did is exactly what my hair wanted :) Liz Starke  July 20th 2017
  • I love the chemical free colors!! No sneezing or smell!! Great cut by Candace!!! Donna K

    Donna K 6 months ago

  • Nice! I really like the new logo. 


  • Tamara is great! I've been seeing Tamara for cut and color for several years now and am always very satisfied. I would recommend Fusion Cut and Color to anyone interested in a great cut, great color and friendly staff.

  • Chris Apgar 2 months ago

  • Best my hair has ever looked ! Tamara is a genius with color !! Great prices too ! Small intimate chic salon .....when I was walking to my truck after my service ...2 cute young hot guys did a double take !! 😊 thanks Tamara ! You rule !! Xo Lori

  • Lori 5 months ago

Amy Belisle — 5 star

Thank you for fixing my hair color! It looks amazing and feels soft - and no allergic reaction to color! Thank you Tamara

Margie-"TamaraThanks for a great color (correction) and cut today -- getting lots of compliments. You did a fantastic job -- I love it!Margie

Ingrid Thorngren Gordon‎ to FUSION CUT AND COLOR SALON

April 9 at 3:08pm · 

Tamara did henna on my hair today and it's so beautiful!

From a new client to Fusion Salon.

Lynn McCloskey wrote 
"Thanks Tamara for the awesome highligts...love, love, love them!!"‪#‎organiccoloursystems‬ ‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎multnomahvillage‬ ‪#‎healthfirst‬

Liz S.


After a year of dealing with sub-par haircuts at a reasonable price, I was so pleasantly surprised to find Fusion. Each time I've gone I've come out liking my hair cut and color more than ever before (which never happens, right?) and I'm so happy that I don't have to break my bank in order to do it. This was the first haircut place that I've tried in the Multnomah/Hillsdale area, and I think its safe to say that I won't be trying anymore.

Fred D.


My wife and I still love coming here for our hair! Great service and conversation, tucked away in a nice little spot in Multnomah Village. We leave happy and satisfied every time.

Emily C.


I love this place! it's all organic and they know hair so well my hair isnt easy and I'm picky as all get out they gave me a beer some tea and talked straight up about what they could and couldn't do w my hair this will be my regular salon from now on!

Amanda A.


Here's the deal-

Not only do these ladies give great haircuts, at really reasonable prices, but they teach you stuff too! I got a super delicious bob from Tamara, but I learned how to keep it looking great. Tamara was meticulous (in a great way) in the way she cut and styled my hair, showed me all the products she used, and taught me how to blow dry it so it stayed looking good, and showed me all the styling tricks to keep it looking sassy.

tristana L.


Awesome place to get a cut and color! Love this great little shop in Multnomah Village.

We love our Project Runway winners 

Michelle Lesniak Franklin

pops into Fusion  

for a  haircut.

Project Runway winner 

Seth Aaron Henderson swings by for a trim.


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I cannot say enough good things about Fusion Cut and Color. The ladies who work there are amazing and fun and always make me fee welcome. I have weird hair- it grows all wonky in the back and no one has ever been able to do anything good with it in may life. When I leave this shop, I feel hot because they make my hair look great!

Adrienne cuts my hair and Tamara color it. They are so skilled at what they do that if I have an idea that will not work for my body/face/skin tone, etc. they will make  suggestions on what will work for me which I appreciate so much!

Their prices are great and like the other reviews said, they have free beer and snacks. How can u beat that? I literally have not allowed anyone other than these ladies to touch my hair since I found them 4 years ago."

- Alicia of Digit 13 Web and Media Design


love letter from our original web designer

Outstanding job, ladies! Wonderful atmosphere, great banter and you knew the name of every single person who walked in the door. This is a rare and lovely thing! My daughter and I adore your shop and our hair looks and feels fabulous! Thank you so much, you haven't seen the last of us!

-Angela Davis 


Hi there, I came in for a color process recently, toning down my brassy blonde and

getting it back to my natural darker, ashier blonde. Just wanted to write to let you

know that I love my color! 
After about a week of frequent washing it turned into the perfect shade - I can't really

believe that its dyed, because it looks exactly how it used to before I started bleaching it.

I'm so relieved to not have to worry about touch ups any more as I grow my hair back out.

Just wanted to say thanks."

-Tara 2015

Review on color

Review on Color


October 2010 Judy Moon- The salon, which offers free beer and wine to adults became all she dreamed of—that is until she got sick.

Marshall’s doctor told her that her compromised immune system, coughing fits, migraines and allergy symptoms were due to the chemicals she used on her client’s hair. Fusion is now completely organic and vegan.

She said men especially appreciate the odor-free salon.

“We have a large male clientele,” she said. “They love coming in and not having to smell the chemicals. Women get used to it.”

Since making the change, Marshall said the salon has received many referrals from naturopaths and others dealing with people with compromised immune systems and allergies

“It has been great being part of a community of Jewish female business owners (at Switch),” said Marshall. She added having the Elovitz family as clients has also given them a push “learning about our culture by sharing and being part of the Melton School. We had our first ever Passover.”

The Jewish Review


Hair was flying in Multnomah Village as 10 women gave of themselves for 


Tamara Marshall, along with her mom and salon partner, Adrienne Selker, Locks of Love is a non-profit organization based in Florida that makes hairpieces for financially disadvantaged children under 18 who have experienced medical hair loss. 

Ponytails of 10-12 inches are cut, bagged and sent to the organization. 

Marshall said she decided to have the event because she believes in the 

cause. “it’s a great thing to do,” she said. “People call us for this.” 

SW Connections Press

Heather Thurber - March 2014

Tamara and Adrian are amazing! Despite a scheduling snafu they worked me in and gave me exactly what I asked for. I love both their honesty as stylists and the great organic products they use.


Diana Unterspan- Jan 2015

Tamara gave me the greatest haircut. and my husband adores it too. and look at the curls she got out of me. Sorry you fell.  

Casie Goldman - Oct 2014

you guys are the best!!! I have been going to this salon for at least 5 years...Adrienne and Tamara are awesome!!! I can go in there with no idea what to do with my hair and they always figure out a great style for me that I can actually do myself.


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