Organic Color Services

color-2We’re creating stunning color with our new line from Organic Color Systems


  • non-toxic formulas!
  • was created 20 years ago by the founder who had lymphoma and was looking for an alternative to the color out in the market.

High lights or Low Lights

Permanent shades of our organic color, skillfully applied to create lustrous lights and deep dark’s.color

Crown Highlights$75

Full $95

Highlights Crown and Root Color $75+ 20

Highlights Full and Root Color    $95+ 20

Hi Lift Color Natural Bleach Roots to End and toner $110+

Each additional color $5

Color used between foils $5

Long hair past the shoulder’s  $5

Classic Color an All Over Color

The permanent shades of our organic formula

  • deliver long-lasting color and 100% gray coverage.
  • 15 minutes under dryer and 20 minutes out and you will have wonderful  all organic color.

Root to ends    $60

High Lift Color

The high lift color process

  • Provides gentle, all-over lightening of hair color
  • We may request a two day process
  • Price will be determined at time of appointment



Demi Color

A deposit-only color

  • Imparts natural color and shine
  • lasts up to 8 weeks.
  • We use Shades EQ Color line and our OCS color line

Full  $50

Our color is PH gentle and has no ammonia.

  • Ammonia is a corrosive chemical that is used in explosives, fertilizer, and cleaning products
  • Banned in Argentina and in the Netherlands
  • Ammonia colors must be mixed in a separate, closed room that has a special ventilation system
  • Negative effects on the skin, eyes, and respiratory system
  • Ammonia compromises the hairs ability to hold on to hair color

Some examples of our

Organic Color ….

From Brown to Natural Chocolate with highlights with no ammonia! 



Ombre and Highlights with Copper, Blond, and Chocolate

She makes a statement

Laurie has ombre on short hair burgandy, plumb and cherry



Finally… guilt-free fun for your hair! Take a departure from the traditional with our healthy, non-toxic color formulas.


Ombre Effect with Black and Cherry

No ammonia, no plastics, no sodium sulfates – perfect for pregnant and nursing mothers, or anyone with allergies or a compromised immune system.

Back to and Natural with toner leaves hair dark and shiny and healthy.

Back to Natural


Organic Color Systems works at a much lower PH 8.5-9  than ammoniated colors.

  • OCS is Resorcinol free. Resorcinol is a pigment that is banned in the European Union. Resorcinol is a suspected carcinogen.
  • OCS contains on average 0.4 percent PPD’s. This is in contrast to ammoniated colors which contain 3-6 percent PPD’s.
  • OCS uses pharmaceutical grade peroxide. This is used in contact lense solution and eyedrops. It is more refined and milder.
  • OCS contains no paraben’s. Paraben’s are a preservative that are believed to mimic estrogen in the body.

Semi-permanent and permanent coverage

  • Certified organic natural extracts, Vitamins E-C
  • Essential moisture and protein balance for your hair
  • No chemical smells, itchy scalps, stinging, or staining

Color Correction

Requires a 2 day process of either putting back in pigment or re-filling the hair with missing pigment.

Then adding new color on top of old color.  6 hours total $250



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